Sunday, January 25, 2009


Shame on you if you missed The Jamelle Cornley variety show on Saturday during Penn State's 63-59 comeback win over Iowa.  The big man was a beast and the key component in the Lions last two wins.  The senior put up 24 points and played EVERY SECOND of the game.  Try running the length of a basketball court twice and let me know if you're tired.  It's clear Cornley is playing the best basketball of his college career and it's come at a key time of the season as the Lions will face 4 ranked teams during their next 6 games.  PSU now has a week off until they have two road games in a row beginning with Michigan State on Sunday. 

Cornley is excited.  And if Cornley is excited, you better be exited with him.   
Or else.


Mark said...

I am scared of that man. He's a beast all over the court. He was in one of my classes last semester, and he is huge in person, up close. I'm gonna miss him next year

Mike Royer said...

Penn State getting votes in both the polls released today. #29 in the AP. Two more wins this week and a ranking is likely.